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Detroit Is The Comeback City

Detroit is America’s great comeback city and the people who live and work here will tell you why. Listen and watch as they describe all the things that are happening here at every turn, and why The D’s revitalization and energy make it a great place to visit.

Detroit. Discover amazing around every corner.

Detroit Institute of Arts - Janice's Story | The Comeback City

Janice McCord comeback city story-Janice McCord
Interpretive Programs Volunteer, Detroit Institute of Arts

The Detroit Institute of Arts’ Rivera Court is just one of its many masterpieces. But beyond the museum and around every corner, the city has many more treasures that amaze and delight. Enticing dining, a lively nightlife, culture and more are waiting to wow when you discover Detroit, America’s great comeback city.


LAKE ST. CLAIR, MI - Steve's Story | The Comeback City

comeback city Steve-Steve Remias
President, MacRay Harbor Marina

Lake St. Clair is the heart of the Great Lakes. Its pristine waters and the surrounding area offer visitors a huge variety of outdoor activities. From fishing to boating to biking to great local parks and dining, fun abounds.


Motown Museum - Allen's Story | The Comeback City

comeback city Allen
-Allen Rawls
Board of Trustees, Motown Museum

Detroit’s influence on the world just begins with the Motown Museum, which preserves the birthplace of a musical legacy that moved the world. The D is rich with stores of creativity and culture around every corner. Explore the energy and entrepreneurial spirit that makes America’s great comeback city such an energized and enriching place.


Rochester, MI - Kristi's Story | The Comeback City

comeback city Krisiti-Kristi Trevarrow
Executive Director, Rochester DDA

From walkable downtowns like Rochester to multilevel malls and premium outlet centers, Detroit-area shopping offers the eclectic, trendy and classic. So whether you’re looking for unique boutiques, big name brands or a surprising discovery, you’ll find it here.


The Henry Ford - Lee's Story | The Comeback City

comeback city Lee-Lee Cagle
Model T Driver, Greenfield Village at The Henry Ford

Riding in a vintage Model T at Greenfield Village at The Henry Ford is just the start of all the exciting experiences Detroit offers. From exploring musical history at the Motown Museum to a ball game at Comerica Park to the famous tastes of American Coney Island, Detroit always has something great to see and do.


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