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OK, we’ve declared that if you crave cars, culture, gaming, music or sports, Detroit has your back with a full load of activities in every category. When you scan these suggested themed experiences, you’ll see why our claim is ironclad. Plus, we’ve thrown in a few extra itineraries covering food, history, romance and more. Check them out and start penciling in your favorites.

The D’s Summertime Dining Scene | Detroit Attractions

Mercury Burger Bar DetroitSince we’re all giddy about summertime sneaking up, here’s a mixed bag of warmer-weather Detroit food favorites.


Detroit’s Historic Houses of Worship

Trinity Lutheran DetroitSome of the best and most beautiful architecture in Detroit can be found inside the city’s historic houses of worship. The interiors of many of these buildings are as impressive as the exteriors, so be sure to take a look inside.


Try the Polish Platter | Detroit Attractions

polish platter pierogi mugMetro Detroit has a strong Polish heritage, with our very own little Poland we call Hamtramck. That means we know how to cook some of the best Polish fare you’ll find anywhere in the U.S.


Historic and Famous Homes | Other Detroit Attractions | visitdetroit.com

*The Player's Club directoryDiscover Detroit’s most interesting dwellings. Inside some, former celebrity families once lived in ultra decadence. In others, inventor’s dreams were brought to life.


Nightlife & Speakeasies | Detroit Attractions

Directory Speakeasies Cliff Bell'sLike a little history and nostalgia with your drink? It’s said that Detroit’s waterways may have funneled three-fourths of the country’s booze from Canada during Prohibition.


Travel Tip

Order the meat sauce on anything and you’ll understand why Roma Café is Detroit's oldest Italian restaurant, dating back to 1890.

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