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Andy Hollyday
Michael Symon's  Roast

Top Chef Andy Hollyday

Andy Hollyday Michael Symon


Andy Hollyday has a lot of love for the city of Detroit. Although not a native Michigander, the executive chef of Michael Symon’s Roast is drawn to the city by what he sees as “a tight-knit community, made of passionate people in their respective fields.”

He places great emphasis on building relationships with area farmers, believing that the support and ingenuity of those in the local Detroit food community is truly something special.

“The people are what make Detroit the great city that it is,” said Hollyday. “In the toughest of situations that the city has found itself, it’s because of this DIY nature that Detroit stands out.” And this comes from a man who’s seen his fair share of the world.

Having started as a dishwasher in a small, family-owned restaurant in his hometown of Toledo, Hollyday would go on to study at the famed Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York. After graduation, he sharpened his skills in kitchens spanning from California to France, eventually finding himself in Michigan, working under renowned chef Takashi Yagihashi before joining the team tasked with opening Roast.

When it comes to cooking, Hollyday has an affinity for the basics, like wood-fired ovens and fresh pasta. It should come as no surprise to the happy carnivores that frequent Roast that he enjoys the arts of butchery, and sausage and salami production. His greatest culinary pleasure, however, is working with seasonal ingredients. He declares, “Even the most modest of vegetables at their peak are inspiring.”

Having led the winning team of last year’s “Next Urban Chef” contest in Detroit, Hollyday is also a vocal advocate of healthy eating and the benefits of buying foods locally.

So what restaurants top Hollyday’s list of hot spots? Well, they run the gamut. There are the clear choices such as Supino’s, Mudgie’s, The Sardine Room in Plymouth and Due Venti in Clawson. Then there are those more off the beaten path: New Center Eatery, Korean dishes at Chung Ki Wa and Indian cuisine at Rangoli. And like any Detroiter worth his salt, he always craves a hot dog from Comerica Park when the Detroit Tigers are playing.

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