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Hart Plaza Fountain

Hart Plaza is a point of origin for many popular downtown events.



Detroit Sports Commission

  • Market the metro Detroit region as a premier destination for amateur and professional sporting events.

Detroit sports people mover

  • Increase the visibility and brand equity of the Detroit Sports Commission (DSC) and its mission/success with the local community.


  • Targeted emphasis on national Olympic sport event opportunities.
  • Targeted emphasis on LGBT and e-Sports event opportunities.
  • Continued development of international opportunities.
  • Collegiate strategy to include National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) championship bids and other conference events.
  • Continue "Scorecard" to measure results of DSC-hosted events.

Detroit sports mascot parade

  • Continue to increase visibility and brand equity of the DSC and its mission/successes on the local community.
  • Direct sales efforts to include personal sales calls, telemarketing, industry conference and trade shows, site visits and bid presentations.
  • Market the region as a premier sports event destination through DSC e-newsletter, website and social media.
  • Continue to strengthen relationships with local associations, universities and facilities that are partners in our efforts.

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