360-degree virtual reality tour

Take a VR trip to Detroit.

Experience Detroit in 360-degree virtual reality!

For the best 360 experience view the entire playlist directly on Youtube. Watch Now!


How to watch the video in VR

  1. Download the latest YouTube app (App Store for iOS, Google Play for Android).
  2. Tap on the share arrow on the top right of the video, then tap on the three dots.
  3. The YouTube app will open. Pause the video. Then tap Cardboard icon and the video will switch to landscape and a split-screen format.
  4. Place your smartphone into your viewer, align the center line on the video screen with the center of the viewer.
  5. With the viewer over your eyes, navigate to the play button and tap the button on the top of the viewer to play the video.
  6. Enjoy your trip to Detroit & share with friends! #VisitDetroit360

TIP: You can also use the button to pause, rewind and fast forward the video. Check back for more 360 videos all year long.

How to assemble your VR viewer

  1. Undo the top flap, extend the side flaps and flip the tabs open completely.
  2. Secure the side flaps to the velcro pads.
  3. Insert your smartphone on the front, facing inward and close the top flap.

TIP: The rubber band prevents the smartphone from sliding out.