6 Things You Can (Still) Do in Detroit This Father’s Day

Modified: April 07, 2021 | Story by Sarah Bence | Photos by Dequindre Cut, Belle Isle, Two James Spirits by Bill Bowen; Slows by Emily Berger; RiverWalk by Vito Palmisano;

Father’s Day is coming up this Sunday, and although there are restrictions in place due to COVID-19, there are still plenty of ways to enjoy the day in Detroit. Try getting outdoors in Detroit’s green spaces or waterfront. Additionally, many businesses are now in the reopening stages. Supporting them with a Father’s Day activity or meal will have doubly great benefits.

Here are six creative ways to celebrate Father’s Day in Detroit – with a 2020 spin, of course.

Father’s Day in Detroit

1. Walk or bike down the Dequindre Cut

This year is all about getting outdoors (while social distancing of course). Even downtown Detroit is full of outdoor spaces that are perfect for a day in the sun, while still keeping your space.

Head to the Dequindre Cut Greenway, which is a paved pathway lined in grassy spaces, and some of Detroit’s best street art. Enjoy an afternoon of biking with Dad, play frisbee, or maybe go for a walk or run.

Murals on the Dequindre Cut

2. Spend an afternoon on Belle Isle

Belle Isle is perhaps Detroit’s best spot when it comes to getting outside. This gorgeous green island is situated in the Detroit River, with views of both Detroit and Windsor’s skylines on each side. Head to Belle Isle this Sunday for a day in the sun.

Keep in mind that you’ll need a recreation passport ($11) to drive onto the island, but you can also walk across the bridge without a passport. The Belle Isle Aquarium, Anna Scripps Whitcomb Conservatory, and Riverside Kayak Connections are all closed currently, but there is still so much to enjoy on Belle Isle.

Take Dad for a day of walking, biking, fishing, picnicking, and more. The Belle Isle Golf Range is also open now, so why not try an afternoon of golfing?

James Scott Memorial Fountain

3. Explore the Detroit RiverWalk

The Detroit International RiverWalk is another great downtown Detroit option for getting outdoors this Father’s Day. The trail runs along the Detroit riverfront, boasting views of both Canada and downtown Detroit’s newest developments.

From the Detroit RiverWalk, head to the 31 acre Milliken State Park which is the perfect place to have a picnic, play some outdoor games, view the lighthouse, or just enjoy the views.

4. Take a distillery or brewery tour

One activity that Dad is sure to love is a distillery or brewery tour this Father’s Day. Why not buy him a treat to go, too?

Detroit businesses are in various stages of reopening, and almost all breweries and distilleries recommend calling and making a reservation ahead of time.

Two James Spirits is Detroit’s first distillery post prohibition, and it’s open for private tours (call ahead or reserve a slot online). Detroit City Distillery is also open and offering tours by reservation, but only offers them on Saturdays (so either get in early, or give Dad an I.O.U for next weekend.).

Two James Spirits bar in Corktown Detroit

5. Catch a movie at Ford Drive In in Dearborn

Catch a drive in movie this Father’s Day at Ford Drive In in Dearborn. This old-fashioned tradition will make you feel like you’re going back in time (to Dad’s childhood? There’s material for a punny Father’s Day card here). A drive in movie also happens to be the ideal form of social distancing while we can’t go to more modern movie theaters.

The Box Office at Ford Drive In opens at 7:30pm for early parking and concessions, and a double feature show is offered at 9:40pm and 11:30pm each night. This Sunday (Father’s Day for anyone not paying attention!) the movies showing are The Hunt, The Invisible Man, Bad Boys for Life, Bloodshot, Followed, The Wretched, The Evil Dead, I Drink Your Blood, Trolls World Tour, and Sonic The Hedgehog.



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6. Try the Pizza Cheeseburger at Brass Rail Pizza Bar

Take on a challenge this Father’s Day. Dare Dad to eat the massive Pizza Cheeseburger at Brass Rail Pizza Bar. This creation is ridiculous – it is literally a giant hamburger with two entire pizzas in place of buns. If he needs help washing it down, there are also 52 beers on tap (45 of which are local to Michigan).

Brass Rail Pizza Bar is now open for dining in, but it is recommended to call ahead of time or make a reservation online to ensure you get a seat.


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    Detroit International RiverWalk
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