Dauphin Island

Detroit Repertory Theatre
13103 Woodrow Wilson Street
Detroit, MI 48238, United States

$17 advance, $20 day of


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An adventure, comedy, drama written by a native Detroiter. Suspicion and fascination dovetail when Selwyn interrupts the self-imposed isolation of Kendra. Leaving behind a messy divorce and time spent living in his car in Detroit, he embarks on a trip for a new beginning. When his car break down, he happens upon Kendra, a woman who has secluded herself in the Alabama woods.

The play follows the two displaced characters as their lives begin to unexpectedly intertwine and a romance emerges. The result is a loving look at a humanity, but not the sort of saccharine love we so often see on the big and small screen. It is a look at the ability of those laid low to try and rebuild, both for themselves and others, and their willingness to both understand the faults of others and to be willing to help them recreate themselves.

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