The Best of Detroit’s Irish Food Favorites for Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day

Modified: March 06, 2023 | Story by Max White

Looking for a bite to eat after Detroit’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade? Or maybe you need fuel before a St. Paddy’s Day bar crawl? Regardless of your reason to celebrate, you can get the delicious tastes of Ireland right here in Detroit’s Corktown neighborhood, and beyond!

McShane’s Irish Pub in Detroit

McShane’s is in the heart of Corktown, Detroit’s Irish neighborhood, and the bar holds true to its Irish roots. Some of their Irish food includes Irish french onion soup, Irish tater tots, Irish egg rolls, a Reuben, Irish whiskey steak, shepherd’s pie and Irish pot roast.

The bar also lists dozens of Irish whiskies you can try while you’re filling up on delicious food.

McShane’s Irish Pub, @thehungrydudes

Old Shillelagh in Detroit

Old Shillelagh is right in Greektown and serves up great Irish food on a menu with a wide variety of food for everyone.

They have a Reuben, corned beef & swiss sandwich, Reuben egg rolls, mac & cheese and more.

If you want some sort of Irish twist but with a plant-based offering, they have corned jackfruit Reuben or  jackfruit Reuben egg rolls.


Grand Trunk Pub in Detroit

Formerly known as Foran’s Pub, Grand Trunk Pub has kept some of its Irish traditions when it comes to food. They have Reuben egg rolls, Reuben sandwiches, shepherd’s pie and more.

O’Connor’s Public House in Rochester

Right in Downtown Rochester, O’Connor’s Public House sticks out as it has a facade looking like bar straight from Ireland and it flies the Irish flag.

You can try a variety of Irish food and a huge list of Irish whiskies. For appetizers, they have bangers & mash, Donegal chips (house-made potato chips served with Irish onion dip), Irish nachos (nachos using potato chips instead of tortilla chips) and more.

You can also get a Celtic Reuben, boxties common to rural parts of Ireland, and several traditional Irish dinners like Guinness stew, corned beef & cabbage, or the Irish trinity where you sample them all.

O’Connor’s Public House, @axcachia

Duggan’s Irish Pub in Royal Oak

The two-story Irish bar along Woodward Ave. in Royal Oak has a whole area of Irish specialties. On it you’ll find chicken pot pie, Shepherd’s pie, fish & chips with north Atlantic cod, mac & cheese and more.

O’Malley’s in Livonia

O’Malley’s offers specials every week, including a fried chicken dinner on Thursdays. For some Irish food, they have corned beef hash for breakfast or an entree, Guinness onion soup as a side, and bangers & mash with imported Irish sausage or fish & chips.

Irish Tavern in Madison Heights

You won’t be able to miss Irish Tavern with its giant mural on the side of the building. Inside, they’re serving up authentic Irish fare. They have shepherd’s pie, fish ‘n’ chips, Irish fried chicken and more.

Also, you can try chicken and bread pudding, or the traditional Irish boxty that comes in four flavors.

Plus, they have Irish breakfasts on the weekends.

Sean O’Callaghan’s in Plymouth

Inside Sean O’Callaghan’s, you’ll feel like you’re transported to Ireland with a warm, wood-like feel on the inside. Their menu also includes Irish favorites like shepherd’s pie, bangers & mash, an Irish pub breakfast, lamb shank Irish stew, Irish chips and more.

Cork & Gabel in Detroit

Also located in Corktown, Cork & Gabel describes itself as a fusion of Irish, Italian and German cuisine.

For dinner, they offer fried Dubliner cheese, bangers & mash, fish & chips, and Guinness braised short rib. They also have a brunch with corned beef hash & eggs.

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