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Marketing toolkit

Marketing Toolkit

Here’s your toolkit for promoting the benefits of a career in tourism and hospitality.  We’ve collected all the tools you’ll need to easily get our message to prospective employees in your area.

Download :15
Version 1 | Version 2

Use the :15 second video for Instagram stories/reels and on Tiktok. The video has been formatted to look great on social media platforms with vertical post layouts.

Download :30
Version 1 | Version 2 | Version 3

Consider using the :30 second video for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn posts.

Download :60

This longer format video is perfect for your website or Youtube channel.

Social Media Samples

We’ve created sample posts to jumpstart promotion on your social platforms. Feel free to edit to fit your organization’s voice.


Facebook’s user base is broader with nearly ubiquitous reach with every major demographic above the age of 18. Facebook promotion will catch the attention of job seekers casually using the platform for entertainment and networking.

Download Example


Instagram’s user base trends younger than Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The platform is photography and short text-based. Instagram should serve as the starting point for promoting the video to your social audience.

Download Example


Twitter is used to share ideas, real-time information, and trending news. It’s good for succinct snippets of content or content that directs to other places, like your website. Much of Twitter’s user base is between the ages of 18-29.

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LinkedIn has traditionally been the preferred platform for business professionals. The youth market tends to shy away from LinkedIn because they haven’t developed the resume needed to catch the attention of future employers.

A video post to LinkedIn may help extend your reach, especially if you have already cultivated an engaged audience.

Download Example


TikTok is currently the social media platform with the most opportunities to “go viral”. While the largest demographic of TikTok users is teenagers and young adults, ages 16-24, it’s not just a fad for Gen Z. It’s one of the fastest-growing social media platforms in the world.

Download Example

Press Release Template

Download press release (docx) | (pdf)

How to promote your Michigan Tourism Careers video

Here’s how to quickly get our message in front of prospective tourism and hospitality candidates in your area.

  • Share this toolkit with your industry partners so they can share on their website and social sites.
  • Post the :60 video to your website’s career page.
  • Consider writing an Op-Ed piece to local media stressing the importance of rebuilding the hospitality industry after the pandemic.
  • Post the :30 video to your organization’s LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram pages. Place a link to your careers page in your Instagram bio or Link in Bio tool.
  • Post the :15 video to your Twitter with a link to your website.
  • Personalize the sample press release and send to your media contact list.
  • Create a career bank for your organization and your partners to post all open positions. Drive applicants to the bank through social media.