There is Only One

The summer season shines a spotlight on two of Detroit’s leading attractions: The Motown Museum and The Henry Ford Museum-Greenfield Village. See what Detroit is made of and experience something you can’t get anywhere else in the country.

Motown Museum

No where in the country can compete with the powerhouse of Motown hits and stars at the Motown Museum, where many of the most famous songs in the world were recorded in the still- present-on-tour-Studio A. Located in the original headquarters and music recording studio for Motown Records, the Museum is home to an extensive array of authentic artifacts, costumes, memorabilia and photographs. See how it all began and discover the town that created the sound track for the world!

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Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation

“One of the world’s coolest museums” according to the New York Times, The Henry Ford and its collection of attractions include Greenfield Village. This 80-acre open-air history museum, founded by Henry Ford, is home to groundbreaking buildings moved from their original locations. Step foot in the lab where Thomas Edison had his lightbulb moment or the bicycle shop where the Wright brothers taught us to reach for the sky. Take a ride in a real Model T or a walk through four working farms. Summer Happens Here!

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