10 Detroit Chefs to Follow on Instagram

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Detroit has a growing culinary scene that is earning the city and its chefs national recognition. If you are looking for the best places to go and eat or maybe you just like to scroll ‘the gram and salivate over a great plate presentation.

Here are 10 of our favorite chefs to follow on Instagram and we think you should too.


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Enid Parham AKA Chef Sunflower


Michigan’s “Top Cannabis Chef” has even so much more to offer the world. Chef Enid posts pics of gorgeous plates on her IG, as well as the occasional recipe. She knows where all the “good green” is, plus she just knows where good food and drinks are in Detroit. Following @luckypistil is a must.




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Max Hardy


There are only a few chefs in Detroit who are as internationally known as Maxcel Hardy. The handsome cook has been featured on Chopped and Beat Bobby Flay. He has also been on the cover of Hour Detroit for his philanthropy. During the coronavirus pandemic, Hardy led an initiative by other Detroit chefs called Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen for Good which used perishables from their restaurants to feed fellow Detroiters during the coronavirus pandemic.




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Kate Williams


The former owner of Lady of the House, Chef Kate Williams is known for unique dishes that speak to her dynamic culinary sensibility. The James Beard award nominee has been doing pop-ups around the city recently and is the current chef at Karls Detroit inside the Siren Hotel.




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Kiki Louya


A Detroit-born Chef, Entrepreneur, Food Activist, Community Partner, and Storyteller, working to build a healthier, more equitable food system for all, Louya has been featured in Food & Wine, Bon Appetit, Martha Stewart Living, and more. The founder of Folk & The Farmer’s Hand, two award winning food concepts with the purpose of supporting the fair treatment of food and farm workers alike—She is also a founder of Nest Egg Detroit, the country’s first all women-owned hospitality group.




Fried Chicken and Caviar


Following Fried Chicken and Caviar means knowing where Detroit’s hottest pop-up will show up. With each of their eclectic experiences, the founders Chi Walker and Nik Renee Cole bring luxury and comfort food together to create a vibe that puts love and passion first. The owners recently told Eater Detroit that much of their inspiration came from dinner parties where they and their friends could collaborate with “cooking, eating, and conversation.”




Chef Devante Burnley


A private chef and the co-owner of Exchange Detroit Catering, Burnley is known for fusion. He often pairs Asian flavors with traditional African American or Creole flavors. The chef is also an activist who was one of the most vocal supporters of increasing the minimum wage in Detroit to $15. Most recently, Burnley was the founding executive chef at Ivy Kitchen and Cocktails in Jefferson Chalmers.




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Relish Catering


A locally sourced and globally inspired catering company, relish connects people through the universal language of food. Founded by Brittiany Peeler and Le’Genevieve Squires—the chefs put their heart and soul into food by introducing flavorful ingredients from our community to our community; increasing awareness of food and health; and supporting one another and feeling connected through food with private catering events, pop-up shops, and community engagement activities.




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Ederique Goudia is a Louisiana native who is a passionate Detroit transplant. She is the co-owner of Gabriel Hall Detroit as well as a classroom facilitator for the Detroit Food Academy. Growing up in a family that lived off the land, she learned to have a close relationship with locally sourced ingredients.




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Detroit is an outdoor, socially-distanced dining club that is thriving in the pandemic. Only available via reservation, the igloos are warm allowing for dining year-round. For patrons still too concerned to dine indoors, delivery and pick up is still available from BlackCloud.




Chef’s Table at Foundation Hotel


The communal multi-course dining experience at The Foundation Hotel is currently closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, however, the IG account is still a great place to find out what else is on the table at The Apparatus Room. The organization is hosted by two Michelin-starred Chef Thomas Lents.

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