6 Resolutions to Tackle, Even During COVID-19

Modified: December 19, 2022 | Story by Samantha Scott | Photos by by Alyson Turner & Beyond Juicery + Eatery

At the end of every year, we start to obsessively think about how we want to do things differently and challenge ourselves in the coming year. We look back on goals that went wayside, resolutions that didn’t make it past January and monthly revisions to make the goals more attainable, to get ourselves pumped up for the new year.

We’re right there with you and optimistically still shooting for the stars in 2021. But, this time around, we’re asking for help. And in case you could use some as well, here are a few ways you can find help sticking to your New Year’s resolutions:

1. Exercise & weight management: A permanent fixture on everyone’s resolutions list and one of the hardest to maintain. Finding motivation during cozy winter weather and a continuous quarantine, can feel like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Luckily, despite these hurdles, local gyms and fitness studios have pivoted to online offerings and limited indoor classes. Some fun places that keep us coming back for more include: Citizen Yoga, GIVE Fitness, or True Body Fitness.

2. Healthy eating lifestyle: After months of indulging in goodies ranging from Halloween candy to second helpings of Thanksgiving turkey and holiday bread pudding, trying to get on a healthy eating tract can be a struggle. Have no fear, Detroit Vegan Soul who has a 30 day vegan challenge, Beyond Juicery + Eatery with a custom New Year’s resolution focused menu and Seva Detroit’s yam fries are here to help. All of these locations also offer curbside or to-go options so we can stay safe and healthy.


Beyond Juice in Detroit

Beyond Juicery + Eatery: On-the-go-juice

3. Spend more time with loved ones: Sometimes you have to step away from your regular routine to build and strengthen bonds with friends and families. Stepping away from the computers and phones allow us to be present and enjoy one another’s company. We’re so fortunate that there are socially distant safe options in the metro Detroit area that are interactive, engaging and fun for all ages. These local gems keep the smiles coming: Michigan Science Center, Belle Isle Botanical Gardens, Bedrock Detroit & Emagine Entertainment Seasonal Drive-in, and the ice skating at Campus Martius.

4. Travel more(!): Don’t let January go by without getting a jumpstart on planning your trips this year. We know it’s hard to plan travel these days with restrictions and regulations constantly changing. We’re doing everything in our power to stop the spread in our community and to let the world know, that when you’re ready to travel, we’re ready to welcome you. Whether you want to reconnect with your city and do a staycation or Detroit is on your list of places to visit in 2021, check out these itineraries and places to see, when you’re ready to book your ticket.

5. Read (or listen to) more books: We’re always looking to increase our insight on topics, gain

Source Booksellers book display

Source Booksellers

new perspective and bulk up your vocabulary, thus why ‘read more books’ can be found on almost everyone’s list. If you’re tired of facepalming yourself over this goal, Source Booksellers, John K. King Used & Rare Books, Pages Bookshop, and your local library have a plethora of options for you to finally check this objective off your list.

6. Set aside time for self-care: One of the biggest lessons we learned from 2020 is the importance of self-care. Discovering the true balance between work, loved ones and self, often feels like a real-life jigsaw puzzle. We found that these local escapes will recharge those batteries. Urban Solace Mind-Body Studio will help you get on track and stay on track with their exercise and wellness programs, tap back into your creative side and find inspiration at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit.


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Mentioned Attractions And Venues

  1. 1
    Citizen Yoga
    1224 Library St., Detroit, MI 48226
  2. 2
    Give Fitness
    200 Mt. Elliott St., #103, Detroit, MI 48207
  3. 3
    True Body Fitness
    1434 Michigan Ave., Detroit, MI 48216
  4. 4
    Detroit Vegan Soul
    8029 Agnes St., Detroit, MI 48214
  5. 5
    Beyond Juicery + Eatery
    2501 Russell St., Detroit, MI 48207
  6. 6
    66 E. Forest Ave., Detroit, MI 48201
  7. 7
    Michigan Science Center
    5020 John R St., Detroit, MI 48202
  8. 8
    Belle Isle State Park
    99 Pleasure Drive, Detroit, MI 48207
  9. 9
    Campus Martius Park
    800 Woodward Ave., Detroit, MI 48226
  10. 10
    Source Booksellers
    4240 Cass Ave., Detroit, MI 48201
  11. 11
    John K. King Used & Rare Books
    901 W. Lafayette Blvd., Detroit, MI 48226
  12. 12
    Urban Solace Mind-Body Studio
    1938 Franklin St.,Ste. 104, Detroit, MI 48207
  13. 13
    Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit (MOCAD)
    4454 Woodward Ave., Detroit, MI 48201
  14. 14
    City Bird
    460 W. Canfield St., Detroit, MI 48201
  15. 15
    Pages Bookshop
    19560 Grand River Avenue, Detroit, MI 48223, USA
    (313) 473-7342