Don’t Call it a Comeback: Yes, Brussels Sprouts Really are Detroit’s Favorite Side Dish

Modified: July 08, 2022 | Story by Biba Adams | Photos by Rock City Eatery, Detroit Shipping Co.

The mushy, overcooked Brussels sprouts of our childhood are gone. The popular leafy green is now a staple at Detroit restaurants. Native to the Mediterranean, Brussels sprouts were later cultivated in Brussels-hence the name. The heartiness of the vegetable, at a reasonable price, has contributed to its national resurgence.

Brussels sprouts are popular in Michigan because the climate makes them able to be harvested in the state, meaning restaurants can serve them farm to table. While lots of area restaurants have the tasty, green vegetable treat on their menu, there are a few Detroit restaurants whose Brussels sprout side dishes stand out against the rest.

Best Brussels Sprouts in Detroit

Coop Caribbean Fusion

Chef Max Hardy was named one of the 16 Black Chefs Changing Food by the New York Times. The honor recognizes his efforts to bring a new haute cuisine to his hometown of Detroit as well as to provide mentorship to area youth. At his casual dining stand inside the Detroit Shipping Co., try his Crispy Brussels & Smoked Bacon. The sprouts are fried, making some leaves fall off and turn into tasty bites.


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Grey Ghost

The Brussels sprouts at Grey Ghost are definitely near the top of the list. Topped with fried chicken skin, the sprouts have a sweet and spicy tang that hits the tongue and is accented by a lemony flavor. Chef Joe Giacomino says that the side dish is one of their most popular items.

Grey Ghost is known for their adept skill at meat butchery, their downtown location, and sensational bar menu, making them one of the hottest restaurants on the Detroit food scene. Try the Brussels sprouts with any of the delicious meat dishes on the menu, especially the peppercorn crusted duck breast or the dry aged New York strip with bacon barbecue butter.

London Chop House

One of the most beautiful dining rooms in the city, London Chop House glitters with rich mahogany wood, brass and glass. The impeccably dressed wait staff is poised to answer your every need, and the menu is delicious and decadent. The restaurant serves the surrounding downtown business community with a reliable lunch and happy hour menu, but the dinner menu is one that is a pure treat. The entrees are impeccable featuring a selection of fish and chicken, but, of course, the restaurant is known for their steak selection.

Perfect for special occasions, the London Chop House 35-Day Dry Aged Ribeye is a perfect choice. Accent the certified black angus cut with their Brussels sprouts that are fried and then tossed in a balsamic vinaigrette, big chunks of garlic, and sunflower seeds. Chef R.J. Scherer decided to keep the side dish completely meatless in order to appease the few vegetarians who might find themselves at dinner at a chop house.

Rock City Eatery

At Rock City Eatery, Brussels sprouts are spicy and roasted. Tossed with Thai basil sauce, peanuts, scallions, smoked tomatoes, lime and nuoc cham, the result is a spicy, tangy vegetable side dish that is meatless and delicious.

Rock City is located in Midtown. The neighborhood is one where fun and late-night shenanigans go hand in hand. Rock City is open until midnight on the weekends and Chef Nik Sanches warns that the menu changes with respect to his inspiration, ingredients and the season.


One of the most popular downtown destinations, Townhouse is a staple of the Campus Martius area with good food and great service. Townhouse features a gorgeous outdoor seating area that is enclosed and capable of service even in winter months. The gigantic dining room is great for parties and you never know who you may see at this trendy spot.

The Brussels sprouts at Townhouse are completely vegetarian and gluten free featuring a delicious balsamic brown butter, pistachios and parmesan cheese which is a great accompaniment for this hearty vegetable. Enjoy them on their own or as a side with their award-winning Townhouse Burger. Made with a proprietary blend of 28-day dry aged steak cuts on a brioche bun topped with bourbon glazed onions.


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