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Modified: July 08, 2022

As if we need to list more reasons to love our city … but why not? Here are a few places, faces, items and events that make Detroiters all happy and tingly inside.

Jefferson-Chalmers Neighborhood

Last year, the Jefferson-Chalmers Neighborhood on Detroit’s lower east side was crowned Michigan’s first National Treasure. It’s also the first entire neighborhood, anywhere, to be given the designation. Frankly, it’s a big deal. Kudos to the community! What’s even better is what’s going to happen as a result of the new title. Fans and residents of Jefferson-Chalmers, where canals are as common as streets for getting from A to B, can expect a lot of rehabbing and revitalization in coming months. And what we love is that all this rebuilding and repurposing will center around carefully bringing greatness back to the neighborhood’s historic structures rather than knocking ‘em all down to make room for strip malls and cookie-cutter condos.

Jefferson-Chalmers Neighborhood Kayaking_2100x940

Gold Cash Gold

Some recent goings-on at Gold Cash Gold, one of our favorite Corktown supper spots, had us chewing our nails nervously. The restaurant was looking for a new executive chef, and you know what often happens when a restaurant gets a new head chef — the menu starts a-changin’. We are happy to report that’s not the case with the moist, tender, subtly tart, crunchy pickle-brined fried chicken that Detroiters have been devouring since Gold Cash Gold opened its former pawn shop doors a few years back. Thanks to the new cook in the kitchen, said chicken may be getting served with some new sides, as well as on a biscuit or over waffles, but it’s still the same Southern-fried goodness that our Midwest taste buds just can’t get enough of.

The QLine

Can’t lie: The anticipation has been killing us. But after months and months of construction, the QLine circulating streetcar is expected to open in April — just in time for this issue of Visit Detroit to hit newsstands. To see the slick cars running up and down Woodward Avenue full of people is going to be thrilling. Another in-your-face symbol of the kick-butt revitalization we’ve been experiencing in the city.

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