Back in Style: Detroit’s Avenue of Fashion Shines Again

Modified: March 08, 2018 | Story by Chloe Seymour

Known as the star-studded avenue of bygone eras, The Historic Avenue of Fashion is once again starting to shine with its old luster.

True to its name, The Avenue of Fashion was once the place to shop for Motor City executives and Motown legends alike – filling the streets with glamour and glitz, which was reflected in the boutiques, restaurants and saloons that occupied the avenue.

Recently, many residents and advocates of the Livernois area have taken it upon themselves to revitalize the street that once held such prestige. A lively residential area, on top of their famed retail district, citizens of the area have come out in full-force to make Livernois come alive once again.

Relative “newcomers” of the Avenue have already made a name for themselves – even becoming the favored baker of a former president. The business in question? April Anderson of Good Cakes and Bakes has become a favorite of former president Bill Clinton for her vegan brownies. A resident of the neighborhood, Anderson opened her bakery on the avenue in 2013, fulfilling a lifelong dream. Her bakery is a sweet treat in itself, serving as a community meeting space and embellished with beautiful mural work.

Good Cakes & Bakes cookies

Good Cakes and Bakes

Another newer face on the block, Kuzzo’s Chicken & Waffles is constantly honored as one of Detroit’s best eateries, with kudos coming from far and wide (and including the mayor!)

Food stops aren’t the only thing bringing the Avenue back – some of the other fine “newbies” include Detroit Fiber Works, Simplycasual clothing retailer and Narrow Way Cafe & Shop.

There are no shortage of “veterans” among the Avenue tenants, who have stuck around through the highs and lows.

Open since the 1930s, Baker’s Keyboard Lounge is regionally known as one of the greatest jazz hubs and has had historical designation for several decades. Baker’s hosted some of the most famed jazz names in the Avenue’s hay-day and continues to attract big name acts. Professional Racquet Services is also a niche hub for tennis and racquet-based sports that has become a community staple.

Bakers Keyboard Lounge bar

Bakers Keyboard Lounge

Though Detroit is full of unique neighborhoods and dazzling spaces outside of the downtown core area, The Avenue of Fashion stands alone as a shining star, finding its light once again.


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Mentioned Attractions And Venues

  1. 1
    The Historic Avenue of Fashion
    6336 W. 7 Mile Road, Livernois between 8 Mile and McNichols roads, Detroit, MI 48221
  2. 2
    Good Cakes and Bakes
    19363 Livernois Ave., Detroit, MI 48221
  3. 3
    Kuzzo's Chicken & Waffles
    19345 Livernois Ave., Detroit, MI 48221
  4. 4
    Detroit Fiber Works
    19359 Livernois Ave., Detroit, MI 48221
  5. 5
    Simplycasual Clothingstore
    19400 Livernois Ave., Detroit, MI 48221
  6. 6
    Narrow Way Cafe & Shop
    19331 Livernois Ave., Detroit, MI 48221
  7. 7
    Baker's Keyboard Lounge
    20510 Livernois Ave., Detroit, MI 48221
  8. 8
    Detroit Professional Racquet Services
    19444 Livernois Ave., Detroit, MI 48221