Why The DMCVB Is Your One-Stop Shop For Planning Detroit Events

Modified: July 08, 2022 | Story by Amanda Walgrove | Photos by Vito Palmisano

When it’s time to plan your metro Detroit conference, you want to make sure every last box is checked. You need to coordinate promotional materials, travel arrangements, on-site volunteers, itineraries, meals and lodging and more. Pile it all together, and it’s enough to cause you more than a few sleepless nights!

That’s where The Detroit Metro Convention & Visitors Bureau (DMCVB) comes in. The DMCVB is your one-stop shop for organizing a successful conference that leaves attendees pleased and your organization proud. Just think of our services department as an extension of your own team, helping you with everything from meeting logistics and service providers to e-marketing and welcome signage — contingent on the size of conference.

In fact, here are just four of the key tasks we’ll help you accomplish.

1. Welcome Attendees for an Easy Kick-Off

Our Welcome Program is designed to help attendees feel at ease in Detroit and get excited for their stay.

Before the conference begins, we can send specialized e-blasts to your attendees, set up welcome banners in the airport and design welcome signs for the lobby of each hotel. We’ll also help spread the word around town by sending your convention profile to local merchants and stakeholders.

Once your guests arrive, they’ll be provided with a detailed map of restaurants, nightlife, shopping, and attractions.

2. Partner with the Best Local Businesses

Not sure where to host your event and off-site activities? We’ll connect you with a directory of local venues, businesses, and attractions to choose from. Take your pick and pack your schedule with the best opportunities in town.

3. Assist with Corporate Social Responsibility Activities

Your conference doesn’t have to be all business. You can always incorporate social responsibility activities into your convention to build teamwork, make a difference, and give back to local communities.

4. Boost Registration with Promotional Materials

Once you decide on your conference details, it’s time to get the word out! Don’t worry. We have this part covered, too.

Whether you want to promote your convention through emails, microsites, or social media, we’ll provide the tools and resources you need to make it happen. We’ll also connect you with our staff experts to help you build attendance.

Just check out our Meeting Planner’s Toolkit. It’s full of print-ready ads, logos, maps, and custom copy for your conference. We have a library of footage you can use to build your commercial or digital video. When you team up with the DMCVB you never have to start from scratch.

Plan Your Detroit Event Today

As the world’s first convention and visitors bureau, the DMCVB has the resources, staff, and expertise to meet all of your needs and expectations. We’ll be there from the moment you start planning to the moment you finish. Even then, we’ll remain available should you return for another meeting or convention.

The door to Detroit is always open. We’re passionate about sharing all that this city has to offer, and helping you make the most of your experiences here.

Ready to start planning your meeting? We are. Submit your request for proposal today.

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