The DMCVB Makes Post-COVID Meeting Planning Easy

Modified: September 02, 2020 | Story by Stan Smith | Photos by Cambria Hotel Shelby Township; Conference Technologies, Inc.

Here’s the challenge. How do you gather accurate meeting planning information during a pandemic? As you know, each state has different COVID response plans and mandates. These mandates seem to change every week, further blurring your options. You have a job to do, but it’s difficult to do without having expert assistance on the ground – at the destination.

Your destination’s CVB is the answer.

Since the pandemic intensified in March 2020, our team at the Detroit Metro Convention and Visitors Bureau (DMCVB), turned their focus toward gathering and disseminating information about the pandemic’s impact on the Metro Detroit Region. We’ve connected with our members to coordinate reopening plans and safety guidelines. Hotels, attractions, event venues are relying on us to advocate for Detroit as they work to adapt to the new environment.

Before the pandemic, CVBs were optional for many organizations – now, they are essential for the success of any event. Smart meeting planners are creating CVB connections today that will support their future planning.

Here’s what meeting planners are asking the DMCVB:

Updated COVID-19 Data

Pandemic metrics are an indicator of the relative safety of the destination. From the outset, we’ve worked with local and national health officials to have updated information.

Testing availability

Detroit has established a network of testing centers throughout the area. Knowing your testing options assures your meeting attendees and staff that you’ve made it easier to remain healthy during your event.

Hotel, convention center, and meeting venue cleanliness protocols

Meeting attendees will be uncomfortable with traveling. They understand that there are no guarantees when it comes to staying healthy during a trip. We can, however, demonstrate the steps our partners have taken to keep them safe. While cleanliness protocols vary, our partners have maintained the highest standards.

City-wide vs. state-wide mask, social distancing, and in-person gathering capacity guidelines

Frankly, the most frustrating issue we face is knowing and complying with state and city mandates. Our team regularly checks and communicates any pertinent COVID-19 related guidelines.

Virtual & hybrid meeting technology vendors

We understand that large in-person meetings may not be an option for the next couple of years. In the meantime, smaller virtual/hybrid meetings will be the norm. Hybrid meetings require new equipment and expertise. Suppliers in our member network know how to stage a successful event. We’ll show you where to start.

While the DMCVB, like other bureaus, have had to furlough staff, we have maintained our ability to liaison with hotels, attractions, convention centers, and our 400+ member network.  Throughout the pandemic, we have been a source of accurate, updated, and relevant information that we’ve made available to event planners via our meeting and conventions team.

Detroit has weathered the pandemic and has begun reopening.  While the future is uncertain, our commitment to providing the best service available continues to be our focus.

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