Episode 13 - Part 1

Located on Woodward Avenue in downtown Detroit, Wright & Co. is one of The D’s hottest restaurants every night of the week. This Detroit restaurant is known for their seasonal food menu and cocktails served up in a beautifully designed space above the John Varvatos store in Detroit. Noni will walk you through some of their summer menu items, but be sure to try Wright & Co. every season to get the full effect of their culinary talents.

Wright & Co.’s Fall Eats

Celeriac Salad
Shaved celery root, sauce gribiche, celery chips, chili oil

Chickpea Fritters
Red curry aioli, scallions, ginger, petite greens

Beef Tenderloin
Trumpet mushrooms, cauliflower puree and porcini butter

Sautéed Pork Medallions
Jerusalem artichokes, stewed tomatoes, salsa verde

Fall Flavors

Autumn Bonfires
Hennessy VS Cognac, peated scotch, apricot, lemon, maple, cardamom and egg white

Dreadlock Holiday 
Plantation pineapple rum, Clement coconut liqueur, hibiscus, bittered vermouth and cynar

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    Wright & Co.
    1500 Woodward Ave., Second Floor, Detroit, MI 48226