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Your group tour can discover The D with our exciting itineraries, guided tours, and group friendly hotels and restaurants. What are you waiting for?



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The DMCVB: Your Gateway to Experiencing Detroit

Find the perfect hotel. Identify the right set of attractions. Create a balanced list of restaurant options for every taste and budget. Most important, design a complete travel experience that will be unforgettable to every visitor. The job of the group tour operator can be challenging, and no one knows that better than the DMCVB.

Choose Detroit as your next travel destination, and you have the DMCVB, one of the best teams of destination experts, at your side. The ultimate liaison, the DMCVB can help you save time, money and create the most memorable visitor experience by connecting you to hundreds of hotels, attractions and restaurants. You don’t need to make the calls or send out the leads ⏤ we do it for you and often secure the best deals, too.

The DMCVB can also assist with numerous other services, including but not limited to:*

  • Personalized welcome
  • Welcome packets
  • Preset itineraries (see below)
  • Arranging site inspections
  • Access to a photo library with photos of the destination, attractions, hotels, etc.
    *Services are available at the discretion of the DMCVB.

Contact the DMCVB now, and find out why Detroit is the comeback city everyone is talking about ⏤ the city that should be on every tour operator’s wish list.