Business Spotlight: Mama Coo’s Boutique

Modified: December 21, 2022 | Story by Matt Homrich-Knieling

Visit Detroit has a robust partnership of businesses throughout the metro Detroit region. One business member we want to spotlight this holiday season is Mama Coo’s Boutique!

Mama Coo’s is an upscale resale and vintage boutique located in Corktown, Detroit. Nestled among a bundle of small, independent businesses on the corner of Trumbull and Bagley, this is a storefront you can’t miss, brimming with gorgeous and unique finds, inside and outside of the store!

Vintage Finds at an Affordable Price

Mama Coo’s opened its brick-and-mortar space in 2016 after a successful stint of pop-ups across the city. 

Owner Alana Rodriguez is a skilled vintage and resale collector. Alana makes weekly rounds to thrift stores, flea markets, and yard sales, making sure her shop is fully stocked with an eclectic range of items.

Whether you’re looking to breathe some life into your closet or bring some new vibes into your home, Mama Coo’s has you covered. Despite a constantly rotating inventory, Alana manages to maintain an impressive and beautiful selection, no matter what you’re looking for.

Mid-century modern furniture? Check. 

Vintage blazers and resale sweaters? Check. 

Imported earrings and necklaces? Check. 

Vanity mirrors? Plant stands? Leather embroidered boots? Check, check, check.

Alana also holds affordability and inclusivity as core values to her business. To make vintage and handmade shopping accessible, she is committed to keeping her prices affordable.

Curious about what the store is carrying right now? A quick scroll of Mama Coo’s Instagram will reveal some of their current treasures!


Grounded in Community and Family History

As a lifelong resident of southwest Detroit, Alana was raised with the belief that community is everything. Because of this, she always strives to keep the community at the center of her business, by sponsoring and hosting events, carrying local artist pieces, and maintaining a welcoming environment. 

Staying rooted in the community is especially important to Alana as the landscape of the Corktown neighborhood is in the midst of a construction and development boom!

As tower cranes fill the neighborhood skyline, ushering in new construction, Mama Coo’s holds on to a piece of family history. As Alana was looking for a brick-and-mortar space, she showed her mother pictures of what is now the current Mama Coo’s building. To their surprise, it turned out Alana’s grandparents lived in the upstairs apartment of this building when they first moved to Detroit in the 1940s! Alana knew at that moment that she had found the home for her business. 

The shop’s name reflects this serendipitous history; as a young child, Alana’s grandfather called her Mama Coo.

These are the stories and histories that make Corktown and businesses like Mama Coo’s such a special place.

See For Yourself

You can find Mama Coo’s at 1701 Trumbull Ave. They are open Thursday through Sunday from 12pm – 5pm. 

If you follow the store on Facebook and Instagram, you can also have access to the first glance at new inventory.

Support local Detroit businesses and treat yourself to a unique shopping experience at Mama Coo’s today!


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