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Metro Detroit is chock-full of hip and historical neighborhoods, cool and quirky venues, a melting pot of killer-good attractions and an assortment of lodging options ranging from the ultra-chic to the super affordable.

Here are a few maps and resources to get you going in the right direction:

Detroit Insider’s Map + Guide

The Detroit Insider’s Map + Guide is a one-stop shop for finding Detroit DMCVB member restaurants, hotels, attractions, nightlife, theater, retail and tours. We update this map twice a year to ensure that the most recent downtown DMCVB members are included.

View Detroit Insider’s Map + Guide pdf


Metro Detroit Maps

View and download these handy district maps:


Downtown Detroit

Greater Novi



Metro Detroit


Getting To Downtown Detroit

Transportation Options

Whether you drive, fly or take the shuttle bus, there are plenty of options to get you to Downtown Detroit.  Here’s an overview:

Car rental information
Driving Directions to Downtown Detroit
Hotel shuttle service to Downtown Detroit
Shuttle / sedan information
Taxi information, general rates

Getting to Downtown Detroit Transportation Options


Metro Detroit Interactive Parking Resources

Here are a few resources that list publicly available parking lots, parking garages and additional information about on-street parking. Some listed provide online apps to help get you parked and on your way as quick as possible.

  • The app Park Whiz has become extremely popular for finding up-to-date parking availability and pricing. Download the app today to find the best parking while you’re downtown.
  • The city of Detroit has both parking meters and a convenient app to assist in street parking (there’s a lot of it downtown, and in both Corktown and the Cass Corridor). The ParkDetroit app allows you to add more money to your meter right from your phone. No parking tickets for you.
  • We know of a few featured parking companies.