Watch for the D-Rover, bringing you tips on things to see and do in metro Detroit.

Charles Falsetti


Meet metro Detroit’s regional tourism ambassador, The D-Rover! This multipurpose van with custom graphics designed by local Detroit artist, Ndubisi Okoye. This is our unique and fun approach to grassroots tourism, putting the information about our metro area directly into visitors and our community’s hands. The van will appear at local events, tournaments, trade shows and conferences to get visitors and local residents excited about what there is to see and do our beloved tri-county region. In addition, we have taken steps to deliver a more sustainable experience and reducing our carbon footprint wherever the D-Rover makes appearances. Our expert staff will provide access to digital maps, content that highlight our member restaurants, attractions, hotels and special events, and more.


The D-Rover loves to go on road trips and always looking for great places to visit. If you would like the D-Rover at your event, please contact Harriet Carter, Vice President, Customer/Partner Services, for more details.



DISCLAIMER: All requests for specific appearances of the D-Rover will be left to the sole and absolute discretion of the Detroit Metro Convention & Visitors Bureau (the “Bureau”). The submission of a request does not guarantee an appearance. Incoming requests are evaluated carefully to ensure that the D-Rover will appear at events organized to reach an appropriate audience. The Bureau can accommodate only a limited number of appearance requests, and valid requests may be declined. Event hosts are advised that unforeseen events can cause the cancellation of a confirmed appearance. If a request for the appearance of the D-Rover is accepted, the Bureau will, at no charge to the host, transport the D-Rover to the location specified and will staff the vehicle while it is present at the event. The appearance of the D-Rover at any event shall be cost-free to the Bureau as to any event appearance-related charges. The Bureau will not be responsible for any fees or expenses related to the appearance, such as admission, sponsorship, parking or site rental.