Check Out These Hot Ramen Spots in Metro Detroit

April 17, 2023 | Story by Katherine Stozicki

Craving ramen? Detroit has some of the best ramen dishes around! Whether you’re craving ramen on a budget or looking to spend a fancier night out in the D, you can be sure there is a restaurant that fits what you’re looking for. Check out these hot spots if you’re craving some noodles!

Fat Salmon Sushi

This Hamtramck staple offers tasty, but budget-friendly ramen dishes. Here, Ramen dishes start around 9 dollars with options of miso ramen, vegetable ramen, spicy ramen, and mild ramen. Fat Salmon Sushi also offers yaki udon, nigiri, sashimi, and, you guessed it, sushi! Check out this place if you find yourself in the area, or simply want to try tasty, local, ramen.


Located in Troy, Miso offers a couple of different options for ramen dishes as well as soups, salads, and sushi! Ramen dishes start at just under 13 dollars and you can choose from pork belly, beef shank, vegetable, or chicken for their traditional ramen dish, or you can try their miso ramen dish. Miso also offers vegetable noodle dishes such as yaki udon if you are looking to avoid egg or dairy.

Wasabi Korean and Japanese Restaurant

Wasabi Korean and Japanese Restaurant offers a variety of ramen options. Located near Wayne State’s main campus, this option is perfect if you’re a student, or find yourself spending the day in Midtown! Ramen options start at $11.99 for Wasabi Korean and Japanese Restaurant’s Spicy Vegetable Ramen. Wasabi Korean and Japanese Restaurant also offers Korean soups, Japanese and Korean entrees, and sushi and sashimi.


Ima has locations in Midtown, Corktown, and Madison Heights, so you can try their tasty ramen wherever in southern Metro Detroit you may be! Ramen dishes start around 13 to 16 dollars, depending on the Ima location you choose. Options include forest ramen, miso ramen, and seafood kimchi ramen. Ima also offers a selection of liquor including sake, and a variety of delicious appetizers such as steamed edamame, crispy friend yams, and a house pickle plate.

ima, @aims.eats

Ginza Ramen

If you find yourself a little more north in Metro Detroit, check out Ginza Ramen on North Rochester Road. Ginza Ramen offers several different ramen dishes, all starting at just over 14 dollars. Options include spicy peanut ramen, shio ramen, miso ramen, and chicken ramen. Udon dishes are also offered. If you’re looking for quality Japanese fusion food, and some tasty ramen, Ginza Ramen is the place you’ve been looking for!

Ginza Ramen, @yeungmama

Shun Ramen and Sushi

This Madison Heights ramen restaurant offers ramen dishes as well as under ten-dollar appetizers. Ramen dishes at Shun Ramen and Sushi start at 16 dollars. Ramen options include creamy vegan, curry, shoyu, tantamen, and tonkotsu. If you’re looking to have a side to your ramen, Shun Ramen and Sushi also offers several different sushi rolls you can enjoy next to your favorite ramen dish.

Shun Ramen and Sushi, @curlyhandshake

Edo Ramen House

Hanging out in Royal Oak? Check out Edo Ramen House! Edo Ramen House has options for everyone including a vegan and veggie menu. Traditional ramen dishes start at around 16 dollars with specialty options starting at around 18 dollars. Edo Ramen House also offers tasty appetizers and your favorite drinks to go with your meal. You won’t be disappointed if you choose Edo Ramen House as your next ramen stop.

City Ramen

Also located in Royal Oak is City Ramen. City Ramen has a variety of ramen dishes to choose from including vegan miso ramen, duck ramen, and chicken ramen. There are options for the kids too including a kids’ ramen dish! Regular ramen dishes start around 17.50. There is also an option to build your own ramen bowl starting around 12.50. City Ramen is perfect for dining alone, with your significant other, or with friends!

City Ramen, @misspiggyeats

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