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Modified: July 11, 2022

As if we need to list more reasons to love our city … but Why not? Here are a few places, faces, items and events that make Detroiters all happy and tingly inside.

Detroit Tree Lighting Ceremony

Yeah, it’s a typical goings-on in any big city in November, but we don’t care. There is just something so heartfelt and magical about that flick of the switch and the “ohhs” and “ahhs” that follow as a 60-foot Michigan-grown spruce goes all twinkly in Detroit’s downtown centerpiece, Campus Martius Park. Let the spirit of the holiday season shine upon you. Usually marks the opening of the park’s outdoor ice rink, too. Takes place Nov. 17.

Detroit Garment Group

Say “garment district,” and most conjure up an image of that neighborhood in that borough of Manhattan. You know, the center of U.S. fashion where all the hifalutin labels reside, design, manufacture and wholesale their wares. Scrap that image and create a new one — in Detroit. The Detroit Garment Group is this up-and-coming powerhouse incubator of cut-and-sew connoisseurs that is hosting workshops, training seamstresses, creating jobs and flipping spaces in Detroit with the idea that this manufacturing town is ripe to become the next dominating garment-making metropolis.

City Sculpture Park

In Detroit, we have a special kind of love for idea guys who listen to their gut and make things happen (like our very own auto innovator Henry Ford or Motown’s music man Berry Gordy Jr.). Sculptor Robert Sestok is also one of those idea guys who happens to be a diehard Detroiter and knows how to get things done. Sestok had this idea for a public sculpture park, then created enough art to fill it, convinced his neighbors and local government to let it happen, raised the money needed to buy an empty lot near his Detroit home, and — voilà — his dream became reality. City Sculpture Park is full of Sestok’s powerful steel structures, a public space designed to introduce anyone and everyone to experimental art and a healthy dose of Detroit’s DIY ethos.

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    Campus Martius Park
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