The Perfect West Village How-To Guide

Modified: April 29, 2020 | Story by Chloe Seymour | Photos by Bill Bowen and Breann White

Just off the beaten path, West Village is a little retail and residential oasis tucked away from the fast pace of Jefferson and Van Dyke Avenue. And yes, for those keeping tabs on Detroit geography, West Village is on Detroit’s east side — just one of the many quirks that make the neighborhood so special and day-trip-worthy.

For much of its life, West Village was the “little brother” to its grand counterpart, Indian Village – one of Detroit’s historic mansion districts. Full of row houses, grand apartment buildings and quaint retail strips, West Village stood the test of time as a community ready for re-invigoration and reinvestment.

Now, with many neighborhood businesses benefiting from Hatch Detroit and Motor City Match, West Village once again has a thriving small business scene that’s ripe for day-trippers and residents alike.

Here’s how to explore the evolving and extraordinary West Village neighborhood:

Eat, Drink, Be Merry: West Village Restaurants

For a relatively small neighborhood, West Village has no shortage of bars and restaurants — it’s one of the best places in the city to grab a variety of snacks and beverages:

Detroit Vegan Soul

“Vegan” and “soul food” aren’t two things you generally hear in the same sentence — except in Detroit. With Detroit’s Vegan Soul’s West Village location attracting diners from far and wide, the favorite fusion restaurant recently opened a location on the northwest side of the city too. The vegan catfish speaks for itself on why DVS has such a strong following.

Sister Pie

A local favorite that has become a national sensation, Sister Pie sells some of the best baked goods (and, of course, pies) in Detroit. Pro tip: Get to their fully-stocked counter early in the morning – their delectable treats go fast!

Belle Isle Pizza

A local pizza joint that has joined the ranks as some of the best pizza in the city. Belle Isle Pizza is aptly named, as it’s just a stone’s throw from the city’s gorgeous island — making it the perfect place to grab a picnic pizza.

Marrow Detroit

One of the newest additions to the neighborhood’s culinary scene, Marrow Detroit sits right on Kercheval Avenue, offering a huge selection of butchery goods and sit-down selections. A meat-eaters paradise!


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Play: West Village Businesses

Live Cycle Delight and Detroit Body Garage

Looking to work up a sweat while you’re in the city? West Village is a fitness-heaven, with three spaces for spinning, Pilates and toning, all within a couple blocks of one another. Live Cycle Delight offers classes at two West Village locations, while Detroit Body Garage is the major tenant of a historic, refurbished bank building.

Village Parlor and Heavy Weight Cuts

Great hair cuts can be found at both of these shops, conveniently located on Kercheval Avenue. Heavy Weight Cuts has been a neighborhood favorite for several years now, while Village Parlor moved into a redesigned retail strip just a couple years ago.

Stay: Live in Detroit’s West Village

Love West Village so much you want to stay? The mix of historic apartment buildings like The Parkstone and Parkhurst buildings, and new developments like The Coe, make this neighborhood a unique mix of old and new residential spaces. Walkable and tree-lined, West Village streets are some of the most beautiful in the city to call home.

Exciting projects continue to develop in this east side abode — West Village is on track to be a Detroit neighborhood that evolves quickly and quaintly, while retaining its old school charm.

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Mentioned Attractions And Venues

  1. 1
    Detroit Vegan Soul
    8029 Agnes St., Detroit, MI 48214
  2. 2
    Belle Isle Pizza
    7869 E. Jefferson Ave., Detroit, MI 48214
  3. 3
    Sister Pie
    8066 Kercheval Ave, Detroit, MI 48214, USA
  4. 4
    8044 Kercheval Ave, Detroit, MI 48214, USA
  5. 5
    Craft Work
    8047 Agnes St, Detroit, MI 48214, USA
  6. 6
    Live Cycle Delight
    8019 Agnes St, Detroit, MI 48214, USA
  7. 7
    Detroit Body Garage
    7968 Kercheval Ave, Detroit, MI 48214, USA
  8. 8
    Village Parlor
    8044 Kercheval Ave, Detroit, MI 48214, USA
  9. 9
    Heavy Weight Cuts
    8008 Kercheval Ave, Detroit, MI 48214, USA