What to Eat at Comerica Park

March 28, 2023 | Story by Lindsay Whitman Drewes

One thing’s for sure, you won’t go hungry at Comerica Park. In fact, there are so many delicious food choices you’ll have to come back over and over again to try it all.

Many of the menus have new treats each season that entertain and delight fans. You can find everything from ballpark classics to Michigan-inspired specialty creations.

Come early and come hungry to the next Tiger’s game. You’ll be delighted by the endless and creative food and drink options.

Ball Park Franks

Hot dogs and baseball go hand-in-hand, but in Detroit, it’s the Ball Park Frank that became infamous with the Tigers. In 1958, the club was looking for a new hot dog vendor. They contacted Hygrade Food Corp., a Detroit-based meatpacking company, for an alternative to their current vendor. Hygrade had a special recipe in mind, and one employee dubbed it the Ball Park Frank.

The name stuck, and Ball Park Franks became the official dog of Briggs Stadium.

You can still find a fine Ball Park Frank across Comerica Park. Look for them at Big League grills and portable stands. Now, you can enjoy the classic Ball Park Frank, Chicago-style dog, Coney dog, Italian Sausage, Polish Sausage, Bratwursts, and more throughout the park.


Ball Park Classics

Of course, you can find any of the ballpark classics at Comerica. Soft pretzels, hot dogs, popcorn, and nachos with gooey orange cheese. You’ll find these throughout the park at the Big League Grills and at portable stands. You can also find Chicago-style and coney dogs, burgers, elephant ears, flavored popcorn, cotton candy, and candy at Big Cat Court.

Only In Detroit

Little Caesars A Detroit Staple

Little Caesars is a Detroit staple and an Illich family tradition. Since the family founded Little Caesars and later purchased the Tigers organization, it makes a perfect combo to enjoy a slice at the game. If you have several people who want pizza during the game, buy a whole pizza instead of by the slice to save some cash.

Detroit Style Coney Dog Pizza, @bho52

A must-try? The Detroit Style Coney Dog Pizza. It was recently featured on Good Mythical Morning.

Detroit and Michigan Specialties

Many of the food offerings reflect special aspects of Detroit and Michigan. Throughout the park, you can find many Michigan-made craft brews.

The Miller Light Market Section has many menu choices crafted just for Detroit. Try favorites like Motor City Chicken, Polish Pasty, and Coney Pasty.

Ethnic Flare

Comerica Park has a variety of choices from different ethnic traditions. At Comerica Bank Big Cat Court, you can find Gyros, Greek salads, Cuban sandwiches, street tacos and nachos, quesadilla roll-ups, and more.

Big Cat Court is located off of Gate A, Section 119. You can’t miss it because there’s a big carousel right in the middle.

Nacho Problem

Are you a nacho lover? Finding the perfect nachos for your taste is nacho problem at Comerica Park. There’s a nacho combination for any fan.

Classic nachos with goopy, gooey, orange cheese can be found throughout the park and at portable stands.

Mexican Street Nachos are in Big Cat Court.

For BBQ lovers, check out the Smokehouse Nachoes at 313 BBQ.

Fans of Greek food will love the Gyro Nachos that can be found in Big Cat Court.

American Classics

Looking for a good old burger and fries? Head to Big Cat Court for a quick bite of American classics. Here you can find regular or specialty burgers and hot dogs, Chicago-style hot dogs, Coney dogs, chili cheese fries, and Little Caesars pizza.

Want to sit down and enjoy a meal of American fare? Check out 313 BBQ.

It’s located in the Brushfire Grill Section 131 and has hot dogs, pulled pork, beef brisket, mac n’ cheese, baked beans, and other BBQ favs.



Beer and Cocktails

Beer is located throughout the park in food stands, portable stands, and walking vendors. Beyond that, there are a few other choices of places to sit down and have a wide variety of beers.

Coppercraft Distillery Bar is located on the Pepsi Porch, in Right Field, above Gate B, (the stairs are behind section 104). Here you’ll find draft and bottled beer, craft cocktails, and mixed drinks.

The Miller Light Pitcher’s Pub is also located on the Pepsi Porch. They offer draft and bottled beer, a full bar, and appetizers.

Michigan Craft Beers has, you guessed it, a variety of craft brews from across the Mitten State. Find it located near Gate B, behind section 104.

At The Corner Taproom, you can enjoy a wide variety of drafts and bottled beers. There’s a rotating menu of craft beers and locally inspired food.


Giant Daquiris

On a hot day, you’ll no doubt spot people sipping on giant daiquiris that require a 2-foot-long straw. You can find them throughout the park and at Big Cat Court. Choose from various flavors or get a Tiger favorite —The Tiger Tail, which layers the orange Tiger Fuel flavor with the blue Blue Sky flavor.

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