10 Unique Twists on Date Night in Detroit

Modified: July 08, 2022 | Story by Sarah Bence | Photos by Marvin Shaouni, Michelle & Chris Gerard

Spice things up this winter with some unique twists on the classic date night in Detroit. When my partner and I were last in Detroit, we had to brave some snowy roads. However, the snow-trudging was worth it as we had some of our favorite dating experiences in years: from chowing down on the best pizza we’ve ever had, to having our couple’s aura photographed.

Unique Date Ideas

Grab a slice of Detroit style pizza

A trip to Buddy’s is much more than any old pizza dinner date. At Buddy’s, you and your date can experience the original Detroit style pizza: square, crispy on the outside, and soft on the inside. Avoid any couple’s arguments and stuff yourself to your content on your own personal pizzas.

Ice skate your way through Downtown Detroit

Nothing says winter romance more than ice skating hand-in-hand with your love (or in my case, trying gracefully not to drag him down). At Campus Martius Park, you can enjoy outdoor ice skating from November through March, while taking in the sights of downtown Detroit.

Get hands on at the Detroit Institute of Arts

The Detroit Institute of Arts is a much-loved downtown icon. Put a unique spin on your DIA visit and attend a Friday night “drawing in the galleries” event. Pull up an easel and sketch alongside your date for a cultured date night in Detroit.


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Sip on something sweet

If you’re thirsty, take your sugar to the Sugar House (and pardon my pun – it had to be done). At Detroit’s premier craft cocktail bar, you can enjoy the Corktown atmosphere alongside a long menu of unusual cocktails and small plates. And if you want to take things to the next level, why not sign up for a mixology class together?

We don’t call it Mootown for nothing

For a fun twist on the old-school “milkshakes and burgers in a diner” date, head to Mercury Burger & Bar in Corktown where you can order boozy milkshakes. Order the Hummer with Kahlua, dark rum and vanilla ice cream, and sit on the patio with an awesome view of Grand Central Station.

Reinvent date night in Detroit in this Hamtramck warehouse

Head over to Hamtramck for a special, and definitely weird, date night in Detroit. What may look like a simple warehouse on the outside, is actually home to a Midwestern revolution: fowling. Have a laugh with your date as you attempt bowling… but with a football!

Tune into your relationship’s energy

In Mexicantown, there hides a small shop where you can get your aura photographed. An aura is believed to be an energetic field surrounding the body, reflecting mood, emotions, life situation, and more. At AURA AURA, sit for a couple’s aura photo with your love. You may find the colors enlightening, and at the very least you’ll come away with a souvenir photo.

Aura photo by Sarah Bence.

There are so many options for an authentic and unique Detroit date night. Choose one of these, or make your own!

Want more things to do in Detroit? We got ’em.

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Mentioned Attractions And Venues

  1. 1
    Buddy's Pizza - Detroit
    17125 Conant St., Detroit, MI 48212
  2. 2
    Campus Martius Park
    800 Woodward Ave., Detroit, MI 48226
  3. 3
    Detroit Institute of Arts
    5200 Woodward Ave., Detroit, MI 48202
  4. 4
    Sugar House
    2130 Michigan Ave., Detroit, MI 48216
  5. 5
    Mercury Burger & Bar
    2163 Michigan Ave., Detroit, MI 48216
  6. 6
    The Fowling Warehouse
    The Fowling Warehouse, Christopher Street, Hamtramck, MI, USA
  7. 7
    AURA AURA, Detroit, MI, USA