You must be a current member of ASAE to attend the DELP Reunion.
As your name appears on your driver's license or ID shown to TSA at the airport
As your name appears on your driver's license or ID shown to TSA at the airport
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Required for TSA ticketing purposes
Please use this format: (555) 555-5555
Please use this format: (555) 555-5555
Is this your first time to Detroit?
If it's not your first time to Detroit, has it been more than 7 years since your last visit?
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Travel Arrangements

We have exciting news!! Detroit will host 2024 PCMA Educon on June 23-26, 2024. If your company is flying you in and only hotel accommodations for DELP, please let us know.

New 2024 - 2026 DELP scholars will need to arrive on Wednesday, June 26, 2024, by 2:00pm for orientation.

If you plan or influence meetings for your organization and would like to participate in a site visit of local hotels and or the convention center, please arrive on Thursday, June 27, 2024, by 10:30am.

Choose your Preferred Arrival Date

Wednesday, June 26, 2023: Arrivals into Detroit

We request arrivals prior to 2:00 pm so you can attend the reception at 5:30pm.

We will research flights coming to Detroit from the following destinations listed above with arrival before 2:00 pm EST.

Thursday, June 27, 2023: Arrivals into Detroit

We request arrivals prior to noon so you can take full advantage of site tours!

Friday, June 28, 2023: Arrivals into Detroit

We request arrivals prior to 4:00 pm so you are able to join us for the Welcome Reception.

Sunday, June 30, 2023: Departures from Detroit

San Francisco International Airport(SFO)
Los Angeles International Airport(LAX)
Not guaranteed, as they are based upon availability

Hotel Accommodations

Room Type Preference
Room types cannot be guaranteed.
Dietary Restrictions
Select all that apply.
Please provide any special notes regarding: mobility, sight, hearing or other special considerations we need to be aware of.

Important Note: After submitting this RSVP, we will secure your hotel and flight accommodations, if requested. We will provide you with a travel itinerary and copy of your e-ticket for your records. Any changes to your travel plans after submitting this form must be made by the individual at their own expense.

We look forward to your visit to metro Detroit!

Visit Detroit and ASAE are committed to the advancement of association professionals through the DELP program. We are proud of the progress and impact the DELP scholars and alumni continue to make on the association community. Currently, nearly 50 percent of DELP Scholars and alumni are in a C-suite position, and over 130 scholars and alumni have obtained their CAE. The DELP program is a proven pathway to leadership, and we appreciate the numerous scholars and alumni that have chaired and/or served on volunteer committees, the ASAE Board, ASAE Research Foundation Board, and as an ASAE Fellow. We continue to work closely with the ASAE leadership team for ways to continue to strengthen our partnership and sponsorship for DELP. In a joint decision between Visit Detroit and ASAE, we have made an adjustment to the reunion. All reunion attendees need to be current members of ASAE. Rest assured, the ASAE membership team will be contacting all non-members to encourage the renewal of their membership. Anyone that renews before the DELP reunion registration deadline of April 19, 2024, will receive an invitation to attend the DELP reunion. We understand that this is an adjustment from previous years, but we hope this will not keep you from the event that catapults careers and ignites thought-provoking conversations to help support the growth of our association and hospitality community. We appreciate you supporting this adjustment and look forward to your continued success. Please register to be a member of ASAE at:

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