Experience Detroit While Out on a Run

August 18, 2022 | Story by Amelia Ritter | Photos by @werun313

You don’t have to put your race training aside on your next visit to Detroit. Come take in the city’s sights and sounds while out on a run with your new best friends. Whether you’re just looking to get a good workout in or you want to keep up your weekly mileage, running with WeRun313 is the perfect way for a runner to experience what Detroit is all about.

WeRun313 is Detroit’s premier running club, and the fastest growing in the state. Their slogan is “Connect. Run. Build.” and it’s felt from the moment you show up to one of their weekly runs. The energy in the atmosphere is palpable and everyone there feels like your new best friend. The club was created not only to connect runners in the community but to encourage Detroiters to become more active and experience the physical and mental benefits of running. You can learn more about their mission here.

We spoke with Lance Woods, co-founder of WeRun313, about why lacing up your shoes and heading out for a run is the perfect addition to your next visit to Detroit.

Photo Courtesy of @WeRun313

What is the best part about running in a new city?

Running in a new city is a great way to explore and be a tourist because your feet are actually on the ground and you’re able to see more since you aren’t driving past things so fast. It’s always good to run around and explore because you will discover things about the city that you may not see while in a car. 

Why is Detroit a great place to run?

Detroit is a great place to run because there are so many new things happening and the scenery is amazing. Downtown/Midtown are some favorite places to run, especially since we have been voted by USA Today as the best Riverwalk in the US for two consecutive years. The Dequindre Cut and Belle Isle are some favorite places to run as well. We also have Detroit’s premiere run club, WeRun313 which is the largest running club in the state. It has been featured on NBC’s Today show, Huffington Post, Runner’s World, and many other national/worldwide publications.

What are the benefits of running with a group?

There are many benefits to running with a group, but the biggest one I can think of is the synergy, accountability, and extra push you get as opposed to running alone. It helps you to stay motivated during a run, and in some cases, it seems as if the run goes by a lot quicker because you may be holding a conversation with a peer not thinking so much about the run.

Photo Courtesy of @WeRun313

Experience WeRun313 for yourself at one of their three weekly community runs.

  • Two-mile Tuesday: An introductory run for all levels meets at 6pm behind YumVillage
  • 5k/10k Thursday: An intermediate run with two distance options meets at 6:30pm at Robert C. Valade Park
  • Sunday Long Run: Long runs vary with distances between 10-18 miles. The location changes and is announced in the WeRun313 newsletter.

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