"The Detroit Techno sound still resonates around the globe. Four African American teenagers created this - deeply inspired by life in Detroit, the "marriage" of cold synthesized sounds and warm George Clinton-esque funk is unmatchable. Long live Detroit Techno!”
Adriel Thornton
"Detroit not only stemmed the soundtrack to of the revival of the most thriving dance music city in the world, Berlin, but what is even more exciting is that Detroit has not stopped since then. It continues to boast a brilliant, supportive, unparalleled, internationally-recognized creative community that's grinding to keep it thriving as one of the most exciting places to live, visit, and dance every day of the week.”
Gin Ebony
Author’s Note: The author herself is an enthusiast and continues to learn about Detroit techno’s every day - she is deeply grateful for the experts and longtime members of the techno community who shared themselves for this article.

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