International Visitors

All the resources you need for a successful trip to The D

A Mural in The Belt by Julie Friedman
Jennifer Ollinger
Domestic & International Tourism Manager

So you’re planning a trip to Detroit. For many of you, this is your first-time visit to Detroit. For others, maybe it’s a reunion a long time coming. Detroit is happy to have visitors from all over the world, and this is a collection of materials to make sure that you’re prepared. The D’s retail, restaurants, hotels, historic cultural attractions and public transportation options will already have you planning your next trip to Detroit.

Some tips and tricks for when you arrive in Detroit:

  • The only place to exchange currency in Detroit is at the Detroit Metro Airport, so be sure to get that done before you leave for the city or suburbs.
  • Crossing the border into Canada is fairly simple. Just take the Ambassador Bridge or the tunnel,  and don’t forget your passport! Here’s everything you need to know about Windsor and Ontario.
  • Orient yourself with Detroit by checking out our Detroit transportation guide. It’ll teach you everything about public transportation, biking, renting a car and what neighborhoods are easy to walk to from downtown.
  • Visiting from the United Kingdom? Check out the following videos about Slow Roll, the Detroit Jazz Festival and Campus Martius Park. And download our Detroit Brochure.