Fans of culture will find plenty to do in this historic city, known for its world-famous art museums, varied history, and art deco architecture.
Those who value time outdoors may be surprised to find there is much for them in Detroit. From over a thousand community gardens to sustainable hotels and urban farms, Detroit has a lot to offer.
Looking for a little adrenaline rush? Even the more adventurous travelers will find something for them in Detroit.
Detroit is known as Motor City. It’s also known as the only city in the United States that houses all four professional sports teams within the downtown area. Basically, sports and car fans will find a lot to love in Detroit!
Do you let your stomach lead your travel decisions? The food and beverage scene in Detroit is worth planning your itinerary around.
The whole family can easily enjoy a weekend in Detroit. Choose from family-friendly restaurants and activities across the metro area.
Are you a student pinching pennies, or a budget traveler? Don’t worry, there is still much for you to see and do in Detroit.

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