Sales and Marketing Segment: Conventions/Meetings

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Marketing Strategies

  • Support recovery of meetings market with COVID-19 related information
  • Build capability to support the virtual/hybrid needs of meetings planners


  • PCMA/Convene – work to maximize sponsorship and advertising opportunities
  • Meeting Mentor (print and digital creative executions)
  • Successful meetings/meetings and conventions (print and digital executions)
  • Meetings Michigan (print execution)
  • Meetings Today (print and digital executions)
  • (print and digital executions)


Convention Sales Support

  • Build and roll-out virtual site-tour content to support sales managers
  • Create informative content that encourages meeting planners to give us permission for follow-up messaging
  • Help sales team use social selling tools to identify and “warm-up” prospects for the first call

Bureau Services

  • Collaborate on launch of GBAC cleanliness certification program via social and digital advertising
  • Collaborate with membership team to hold in-depth customer service focused marketing webinars
  • Digital support for VIP conventions

Sales Collateral

  • Create sales content by market focus (i.e., associations, corporate, family reunion

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Sales Strategies

  • Collaborate with marketing to create a comprehensive campaign that can be applied to both virtual and in person meeting.  Starting with the “We are good to GO” and move to “Its GO Time”! This campaign will be transferable to all markets and we will use the collateral available to us to impact the meetings and convention market
  • Concentrate on quality of show vs. quantity of shows in 2021.  The four major shows we are focused on are: PCMA, ASAE, IMEX and CONNECT
  • Concentrate on making a much larger impact through attendance and sponsorship at the bigger shows with proven ROI and quality of attendee
  • Carry a consistent message throughout the year at each event
  • Be the catalyst to the meeting planning community on everything that is happening in Detroit from a community standpoint both within our response to the pandemic and our response and action toward social injustice
  • Create programming within our customer webinar series that will generate an emotional response to our community to help the global meeting planning community understand what is happening in Detroit and not what they see on the national news


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  • In addition to the national stage, we will concentrate on the smaller impactful drive market by participating in regional shows that may yield smaller business but will impact all of our partners
  • Develop a three-year strategic marketing plan for the DELP initiative with tangible goals that will result in a 30% increase in yearlong engagement and ultimately business opportunities
  • Strategic Opportunity Research Initiatives:
    • Analyze “Lost Business” by market and territory
    • Identify new opportunities via Sales Tools: Knowland, Sales Navigator, Linked-In, previous trade show/event attendee list and CRM to capture new opportunities for the region
  • Collaborate with hotel partners to learn individual property government demand, successes, history, and strategies to help form a more cohesive effort within the community
  • Schedule quarterly or bi-annual partner strategy meetings with downtown and suburban partners to identify and target key opportunities
  • Update sales digital blasts and evites while maintaining brand standards