Where to Celebrate your 21st Birthday in Detroit

Modified: March 10, 2023 | Story by Leslie Cieplechowicz

So you hit the big 21 and want to get your drink on in Detroit and engage in a night of merriment with your friends. But where to go that won’t break the budget and will still provide an evening of fun? And what happens after the drinking, when you and your friends are tired and want to crash? Or perhaps need solid subsistence after your liquid dinner? Then check out this list of young adult-frequented dive bars, budget-friendly hotels, and greasy spoons serving up the best late-night snacks.

Places to Drink

Bronx Bar

4476 2nd Ave Detroit, MI

Perched on the corner with its old-style marquee sign, the Bronx is a great dive bar to celebrate your B-day. Head indoors and be greeted by a bra-clad dolphin bathed in the glow of stained glass lamps hanging from the ceiling. If you need a break from drinking, play a quick game of pool on the crimson-felted table.

The Old Miami

3930 Cass Avenue, Detroit

With its wall festooned with memorabilia from veterans, the Old Miami offers a solid drink at its polished wood bar. Challenge your friends to a game of pool or lounge in one of the comfy chairs bordering the walls. A stage is tucked in the back of the bar, for live music and dancing.

Cobb’s Corner Bar

4201 Cass Ave, Detroit

A bright yellow, cheery exterior with walls of windows welcomes you at Cobb’s. Sit at the wooden bar along the back wall, draped with Christmas lights, while sipping your brew. Or perch on a metal stool next to silver tables while imbibing, and tracing the ventilation ductwork in the ceiling with your eyes.

Cobb’s Corner Bar, @beyondreachphotovideo

Jacoby’s Bar

624 Brush St, Detroit

Built in 1904 which is emblazed across its exterior sidewall, Jacoby’s lets you get your German on with its authentic Biergarten. Under the warm glow reflected from the golden metal ceiling, select from the latest brews scrawled on the oval blackboard swinging overhead. Sit at the bar stacked with liquors ready for shots, or crowd around a long table, Biergarten style and make some new friends.

The Temple

2906 Cass Ave, Detroit

If simple is your style, then Temple Bar is your place. With its unembellished cinder block exterior highlighted by glowing rainbow neon, the bar has been serving up booze since 1927. The interior boasts a long, straight bar, a pool table, and not much else. Chat with the dynamic bartender at the gleaming bar and inhale the smoky atmosphere.

Temple Bar, @jondeboer

Places to Crash

Hotels in bigger cities tend to be more pricey than in the suburbs. To keep costs down, share a room with multiple people or look for specials run by the establishments. That said, here are the lowest-priced beds without traveling outside Detroit.

Hostel Detroit

2700 Vermont St, Detroit, MI

One of the most economical places to stay in any city is a hostel. Painted with colorful murals in a quiet neighborhood, Hostel Detroit offers dorm-style bunk beds to lay your fuzzy head. Walk-ins are not taken and to access the building you need a code from your online reservation. To book, click here.

Double Tree Suites Fort Shelby

525 W Lafayette Blvd, Detroit

With its historic stone façade, friendly staff welcomes you at the Double Tree. As you wait to check in, rest in the spacious, white lounge or grab something for your room at the hotel store. If you don’t feel like venturing out for breakfast, grab a favorite at the Motor City Kitchen within the hotel.

Hotel Indigo

1020 Washington Blvd, Detroit

In the heart of downtown, the Hotel Indigo reflects the heart of the Motor City with its Motown-themed deco. A cozy lobby and friendly staff greet you as you walk through the doors. Enjoy a room with modern furnishings and comfy beds.

Atheneum Suites Hotel

1000 Brush St, Detroit

Nestled in the heart of the lively, happening Greektown, the historic Atheneum, with its beautiful marble lobby, is the place to stay if you want a little luxury. The hotel’s rooms are more economical during the week and are affordable for groups of four.

Atheneum Suite Hotel Greektown Detroit

Places for the Munchies

American Coney Island

114 W Lafayette Blvd

For crispy fries and a coney dog ladened with onions, look no further than the retro blue and red decked American Coney Island. Sit in the warm diner and gulp down a delicious American gyro, stuffed with lamb and beef topped with tasty Tzatziki sauce.

Mom’s Spaghetti

2131 Woodward Ave, Detroit

If a plate of spaghetti soaked in tomato sauce is more your craving, head to Eminem’s restaurant, Mom’s Spaghetti, to curb your hunger. With its simple menu and generous servings, it is a perfect place to get a quick bite while eating at one of Detroit’s most famous rapper’s diner.

Mom’s Spaghetti, @danyistayseatinggood

Teleway Hamburgers

6820 Michigan Ave, Detroit, MI

If sliders are more your hankering, then head over to Teleway Hamburgers, a white box trimmed with red squatting on Michigan Avenue. With hamburgers running $0.70 and chili fries at $1.45, you can fill your gut with greasy goodness for a few bucks. And with $0.35 for a cup of coffee, you can clear your hazy head.

Telway, Thomas Hawk

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