Experience Detroit like Never Before on the Historic Detroit Princess

Modified: July 08, 2022 | Photos by The Detroit Princess; Bill Bowen

With everything there is to do in Detroit these days, one of the most unique experiences still remains on the riverfront–the Detroit Princess Riverboat.

The Detroit Princess docks just outside of Hart Plaza. Although you may have seen the boat cruising along the river or parked on the Detroit International RiverWalk, you will never realize just how massive the boat really is until you are standing right in front of it.

The sense of adventure sets in the second you pull off the dock. Waving pedestrians on shore look smaller and smaller as you sail, with the downtown Detroit skyline intimately close. You are 65 feet up on the top deck of the Princess, so you will definitely feel triumphant as the boat moves out onto open water. The captain is as professional as they come, and the comfort translates throughout the boat as you cruise past Belle Isle further down the Detroit River towards Lake St. Clair.

From couples taking “Titanic” style flying photos, to the riders dancing to Motown music, the audience is as diverse as they come, and there is an overall cheerful vibe in the air. Enjoy first-class buffet meals while you watch live Motown Music from bands like The Prolifics, who play hit after hit of the world’s Motown favorites. The Princess is actually one of the only venues in Detroit where you can still catch a live Motown performance. Sometimes you’ll even find the staff dancing and singing as they clear tables of the savory prime rib.

The Detroit Princess offers themed cruises, lunch cruises and dinner cruises. For a real treat, book a dinner cruise at sunset and you’ll see a beautiful pink and orange sky turn to night behind Detroit’s growing skyline. After dinner and live music, make your way outside to get a look at the night sky as the riverboat passes under the Ambassador Bridge.

Unless you’re in Canada or the tip of Belle Isle, it’s rare to get a full glimpse of the Detroit skyline in its entirety. But on a 2.5 hour cruise on the Detroit Princess, you’ll see all that Detroit has to offer. Add in the buffet dinner, and multiple types of live entertainment on each deck, and being on the open water with views of two countries, and you’ll see why the Princess is a must do for anyone who deems themselves a lover of Detroit!

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