Marketing Segment: Leisure

Strategies for 2023:

  • Build the brand – Launch a sustained brand campaign to establish Detroit
    as a top-of-mind trip and meeting option
  • Promote the region – Consistently publish and promote content that
    highlights and connects “things to do” throughout the region
  • Deliver the Experience: Optimize all touchpoints that influence the trip and
    meeting planning


  • Expand targeted paid search and social media markets include New York,
    Atlanta, Chicago, and Los Angeles
  • Increase media partnerships with MLIVE and other regional publications that
    reach Ohio, Illinois, and Indiana
  • Use Epsilon and Adara to model and target travelers most likely to visit metro
  • Review the feasibility of adding to supplement hotel bookings
    from Expedia.
  • Expand media investments in the Toronto / Ontario media market
  • Use mobile purchasing data to target potential repeat visitors to Detroit
  • Use new user/audience insights to further refine digital advertising tactics


  • Complete “down to the studs” redesign of
  • Redesign the Detroit Travel Guide Digital App to better reflect the travel needs of


  • Continue aggressive audience and engagement-building tactics on
    Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook
  • Recruit metrobased content creators to provide authentic and relevant
    content for promotion on social channels
  • Shift content focus to emphasize short-form video, photography, and visual
  • Build robust photography, video, and drone footage library for metro
    attractions, locations, and members to increase the effectiveness of social media
  • Renew focus on itinerarybased content to entice first-time visitors to the
  • Continue publishing the “Detroit Vibes” email Newsletter to build leisure traveler
  • Revamp DPass programs to drive more traffic to members and attractions


  • Expand advertising options for the new Detroit Travelers Guide and website.
  • Continue to work with hotels to increase the visibility of the Detroit Travel Guide
    with hotel guests
  • Add virtual site visit video to the sales team’s collateral toolkit