Marketing Segment: Leisure


  • Focus leisure marketing efforts on the key markets of Chicago, Cincinnati, Columbus, Cleveland, Indianapolis and Pittsburgh.
  • Launch new integrated advertising/marketing campaign that focuses on future new development and attractions.
  • Develop and implement year-two initiatives for the LGBT market.
  • Identify new opportunities to market to Millennial and Generation Z population, using non-traditional channels.
  • Create program/initiatives to showcase that metro Detroit is a safe, vibrant destination to counter inaccurate perceptions of safety in the region.

  • Continue media hosting, trade show attendance, regional media visits and other PR efforts that ensure metro Detroit’s tourism product remains prominent in 2018.
  • Identify and implement new PR initiatives that tell new, engaging stories about Detroit to keep national attention focused on the region.
  • Increase emphasis on suburban family-fun attractions.




  • Shift the majority of advertising focus on digital where interest, bookings and ROI can be tracked.
  • Supervise the development of creative and the launch of a new advertising campaign to replace “America’s Great Comeback City” and focus on the future.
  • Place LGBT advertising in select publications.

  • Focus on advertising that targets travelers based on their behavior online (i.e. TripAdvisor, Expedia).
  • Invest in Pure Michigan partnership program. Update creative; focus on two passions — urban DNA and Lake Effect.
  • Add subtle safety messaging that showcases vibrancy and offers visitor testimonials in advertising



  • Develop social media content inspired by Millennials.
  • Launch Eats in The D, a new YouTube show hosted by a young influencer that takes you through the food scene in Detroit
  • Accelerate quality and quantity of content through formation of Gig Hub that provides bloggers the opportunity to pitch blog ideas and write on various subjects.
  • Attend member and community events to post live updates.
  • Promote content on Facebook, LinkedIn, Weibo, Alibaba and Paid Search.
  • Increase social advertising on Facebook that will motivate non-Detroiters to vacation or meet in Detroit.
  • Change composition of Facebook audience from locals to prospects.
  • Promote D Discount Pass to increase downloads 20 percent over 2017.
  • Promote regional events, festivals and attractions to increase visitation to metro Detroit.


Public Relations

  • Attend and exhibit at travel media trade shows to reach leisure travel editors including Society of American Travel Writers, Midwest Travel Writers Association, TravMedia Marketplace, North American Travel Journalists, Travel Media Showcase, Discover America Toronto, IPW Media Marketplace.
  • Host relevant journalists throughout year and broaden base to include bloggers and other digital influencers.
  • Host a family fun-themed press tour and host another Millennial-themed event for local bloggers.

  • Improve local media awareness through partnerships at events such as Hometown Tourist Day. Serve breakfast to editorial staffs at local television stations.
  • Partner with Windsor CVB on media booth at Detroit Grand Prix.

  • Partner with Travel Michigan on media events out of town.
  • Hold media desk side briefings in key markets of New York, Chicago and Washington, D.C.
  • Encourage LGBT publications to write about local product.
  • Repeat and expand Hometown Tourist Day in Campus Martius Park. Consider print/radio and broadcast partners.


Print and Digital Publishing

  • Complete phase two development items on website.
  • Add quality videos to website to complement magazine features.
  • Focus on website analytics to determine content development based on travelers’ needs.
  • Partner with Downtown Detroit Partnership on Eat, Shop, Stay and Play map to increase distribution and reduce duplication of efforts.
  • Create family-fun itinerary on website to attract family reunions and leisure visitors.

  • Create new sales/attendance videos to enhance new advertising campaign.
  • Publish 200,000 copies of Visit Detroit magazine twice a year; continuing to enhance the quality and deliver timely, relevant information to members.
  • Update D Discount Pass on ongoing basis.
  • Add quality content to website to support marketing programs and visitor needs.
  • Develop advertising sales program, including print, digital and social.