7 Best Places to Get Incredible Tacos in Detroit

Modified: March 06, 2023 | Story by Sarah Bence

Who doesn’t love tacos? Detroit is a foodie’s city and there are plenty of places to grab a platter of tacos with friends. Here are seven of the best restaurants for tacos in Detroit – from Mexicantown classics to downtown restaurants to even tacos with a Japanese spin!


1.   El Triangulo Dorado

El Triangulo Dorado in southwest Detroit is still a relatively new restaurant on the scene that is famed for its Sinaloa style sushi. But did you know you can also get amazing tacos here? With low, low prices you can get a chorizo taco for $1.50, a taco molote (grilled steak and shrimp) for $3.50, taco chihuas (beef cheek and tongue) for $1.50 or mix and match with plenty of other options!


2.  Armando’s Mexican Restaurant

Armando’s Mexican Restaurant is located in the heart of Mexicantown, and it is an obvious choice for authentic tacos and other Mexican dishes. The tacos here are made from scratch. Seafood lovers should try the popular tilapia fish taco, the corona beer battered cod fish tacos, or go big with the Baja seafood taco that’s stuffed with scallops, shrimp, bacon, onions, and Muenster cheese.


Tacos at Taqueria Lupitas in Southwest Detroit

Tacos at Taqueria Lupitas in Mexicantown by Marvin Shaouni

3.  Tacqueria Lupita

Tacqueria Lupita, located on Bagley Ave also in southwest Detroit, specializes in tacos and offers a wide variety. The restaurant is currently open for take out or dine in at 25% capacity. Order the tacos el pastor with a Jarritos or Mexican coke.


4.  Ima

Looking for Detroit’s most unusual tacos? Head to Ima in Corktown. Ima is a Japanese noodle restaurant that specializes in Udon. However the menu does include one Asian-influenced taco that is extremely popular among those in-the-know. Taco-lovers dine here for the “Ima Tacos,” made from a jicama shell, and filled with shiso, green chili hot sauce, wakame slaw, and any protein (meat or vegan) of your choice.



5.  Detroit Taco Company

Detroit Taco Company does what it says: tacos! With locations in Detroit, Troy, and Shelby, you’ve got multiple options for your next visit. Choose from a wide selection of tacos, including traditional soft flour or crispy corn tortillas, street tacos, or the famous Detroit Taco (a soft flour tortilla wrapped around a crispy corn tortilla, stuffed with warm queso, rice, cheese, onion, lettuce, and your choice of protein).


6.  El Asador Steakhouse

El Asador Steakhouse in southwest Detroit serves food so fresh that they don’t even own a freezer. There’s more to this restaurant than just steak, though. Choose from plenty of taco options, or if you’re in the mood to share (or super hungry) order on of the famed El Asador 12-taco trays.


7.  Condado Tacos

Condado is a place to come as you are, soak up the local vibe and feel connected with the community. It’s a one-of-a kind experience that reminds us who we are. What we love. And where we come from.


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Mentioned Attractions And Venues

  1. 1
    Armando's Mexican Restaurant
    4242 W. Vernor Hwy., Detroit, MI 48209
  2. 2
    2015 Michigan Ave., Detroit, MI 48216
  3. 3
    Taqueria Lupita
    3443 Bagley Ave., Detroit, MI 48216
  4. 4
    El Triangulo Dorado
    8065 Vernor Highway, Detroit, MI, USA
    313 652 5247
  5. 5
    Detroit Taco Company
    600 W Lafayette Blvd, Detroit, Michigan, USA
    (248) 590-2981
  6. 6
    El Asador Steakhouse
    1312 Springwells Street, Detroit, MI, USA