Trying to Decide Where to Eat? Here’s Your Guide

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Have you been meaning to try out one of the new restaurants in Detroit you keep hearing about? With so many great new options and mouth-watering menus in The D, it’s tough to keep track of all the bistros, breweries, bakeries and more.

We’ve got you covered. Our Detroit Restaurant Guide will help you decide which restaurant to choose depending on your mood or occasion.

If you’re looking for: A stick-to-your-bones meal

Sometimes there’s no substitute for comfort food — and Detroit’s is legendary. Barbecue, burgers, pasta and even fondue all make our Detroit 10: Comfort Food list. Or try one of 6 Mac ‘n’ Cheese Dishes that Hit the Mark.

If you’re looking for: Vegan or vegetarian

There are more meat-free options in Detroit than ever before — some with full menus catering exclusively to the vegan/vegetarian crowd, and others with some great options on an otherwise well-rounded menu. Here’s our roundup of vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Detroit.

If you’re looking for: Some sunshine

Michigan’s summer months are to be savored, so on a warm, sunny day, a table outside is a hot commodity. Find yours with our guide to The Best Patio Dining Options in Detroit.

If you’re looking for: A cold beer

The local beer selection at Michigan’s liquor stores has become more sizable and diverse than the import section. Detroit hasn’t been left out of the state’s craft beer boom, with several brands being brewed right in the city and even more in the suburbs. To get a real sampling, there are 10 Breweries You Have to Try in Metro Detroit.

If you’re looking for: A slice of pizza

See why Detroit was named second on Travel + Leisure’s Best Pizza Cities in America (2017) and third on GQ’s version of the list. From deep-dish to thin-crust to Neapolitan, check out where to find the Best Pizza in Detroit (and throughout metro Detroit, while you’re at it).

If you’re looking for: Romance

Table for two? Impress your date with extensive wine menus, stunning views and decadent desserts at one of the 8 Romantic Restaurants in Detroit.

If you’re looking for: Italian

Metro Detroit has a notable Italian population with a rich culture and storied history. And the city has some fantastic Italian restaurants to back it up. When you want to “mangia Italiana,” don’t miss our expertly-curated list of The Best Italian Food in Metro Detroit.

If you’re looking for: Asian cuisine

Some of the most raved-about new restaurants in the city serve up menus bursting with the flavors of the Far East. Try one of 7 Asian Restaurants in Detroit for something unique.

If you’re looking for: A taste of Mexicantown

Mexicantown is one of Detroit’s most vibrant communities with some truly authentic cuisine that’s very affordable. Today, great Mexican food is sprinkled throughout the city, and there’s no need to wait for Cinco de Mayo to get started on our list of 5 Mexican Restaurants to Try.

If you’re looking for: A quick lunch

The afternoon is the perfect time to try one of Detroit’s hot new restaurants — you’re likely to have a shorter wait for a table. Find some choices for a great price and quick service in the Detroit Lunch Guide. If you’re a sandwich fan, don’t miss our list of 7 Places to get a Sandwich in Detroit.

If you’re looking for: Dinner and a show

Make it a true night out with dinner AND a show. Once you’ve got tickets for some Theater in Detroit, round out the evening by choosing a restaurant close to your venue. We can recommend 10 Spots to Grab Grub Near Foxtown.

If you’re looking for: A sweet treat

There are many ways to do dessert in The D — like in one of Detroit’s Fantastic Bakeries and Sweets Shops — but in the hot summer months, you’re going to want to grab a spoon and dive into a few scoops of ice cream. We’ve got a long list of parlors, some adult-only alcohol-infused options, and even some ideas for getting a taste of Detroit from your own home, since We All Scream for Ice Cream. There are plenty of blended concoctions on our Detroit 10: Smoothies list, and if it’s a crusted creation you prefer, we have that, too in the Detroit 10: Fresh Out of the Oven Pies.


Not enough? Check out more restaurants in Detroit.

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