Episode 8 - Part 1

Grey Ghost is a neighborhood eatery and cocktail bar that prides itself on midwestern hospitality. They serve up everything from fried bologna to filet mignon, and their drinks are off the hook.

Grey Ghost is right on the brink of Midtown and Brush Park. It’s super close to Little Caesars Arena, which makes it perfect for a pre- or post-game spot. They have an awesome deal for post-game fun – snag a burger, fries, beer and shot for $18 after 10 p.m. on weeknights and 11 p.m. on weekends.

Free parking is available on Watson Street and on John R.

House Specialties

Fried bologna
Waffle, sharp cheddar, jalapeno

Falafel pancake
Labneh, snow pea, sunflower tahini

Flat iron steak
Bulgogi, kimchee, coconut-rice tots

Drink it Up

Repeat offender
Gin, cocchi americano, aloe, lime, simple syrup and orange blossom

Strange clouds
Irish whiskey, laphroaig, hickory maple, walnut and applewood sea salt

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    Grey Ghost Detroit
    47 E. Watson St., Detroit, MI 48201